4 Equestrian Brands to Follow on IG

As someone who loves all things horses, when it comes to shopping, my love transcends boundaries and flows into an even deeper love of shopping for horse related items! Equestrian brands all over the world have stepped up their games when it comes to tweeting out new products, establishing brand ambassadors on every platform, and posting photos of aesthetically pleasing product displays. In the world of fast paced social media, some brands stand out among others. Here are my top four brands that I follow, adore, and think that you should follow, too!


Welsh Wear is a new Preppy Equestrian theme brand started by Nicole Gianni Molinaro a WVU Grad who is not only a fashionista, but also the founder of Gianni Equi Media, LLC! Welsh Wear has an awesome IG feed that not only caters to the horse savvy, but also those who love the preppy lifestyle! I am honored to be a brand ambassador and I absolutely adore all of the designs. You’ll find a lot of cute corgis of whom serve as mascots for the brand. You can keep up with #TeamWelshWear riders through out the show season, if you pick up some swag at shows or online, you may see yourself on the Instagram when you hashtag your post with #WelshWear! There are many references to both West Virginia University and University of Alabama (#RollTide!) I hope Nicole and the WW Team expand their collegiate collection and include some Louisville and L1C4 pride on the IG in the future! Imagine some red and black corgis! Cute, right!? Of course, there is plenty of super cute clothing for anyone and everyone to wear to the barn, to class, or anywhere where you Enjoy The Little Things In Life!

Pssst! Use my ambassador code WWCARDINALS for 15% off of your purchase!





If you know anything about being an equestrian, you know you need your fair share of Ooshiney! My Barn Child is one of the cutest brands in the equestrian small business world and their Instagram lives up to this adorable hype. It features lots of ponies (Ponies Over Everything, duh) and a plethora of amazing accessories for any rider. This Canadian business is a staple at The Royal Ag. Winter Fair which usually makes their IG come alive with up to date posts of the event. Every year, I wish I was at The Royal because of them! Like Welsh Wear, you can keep up with the My Barn Child Ambassadors through out the year and continuing aww-ing at all of the ponies! I know I sure do.






If you love H&M I strongly suggest following their equestrian campaign: We Love Horses. Me too, H&M, me too! I got so excited when this page was launched and it’s really taken off! The IG features posts about their sponsored riders: Team Sweden’s Peder Fredricson, Malin Baryard-Johnsson, and Belgian twins Olivier and Nicola Philippaerts! They also feature other equestrians, congratulating winners of big shows that sponsor and even sweet farewells to retired horses. It’s a wonderful hodge podge of everyday street clothes that you can wear to school, work, or to get groceries. But, they also update what their riders are up to! I particularly love their pictures showing their sponsored riders doing things outside of the saddle like running with agility dogs, meeting fans, and behind the scenes scoops on their photoshoots! It’s a mix of both photos and videos and all-in-all, it’s just really cool seeing a big, mainstream clothing store chain delving into the equestrian sports!





Not only is this my all time favorite equestrian small business, but it’s also one of my favorite IG’s to follow. Shop Hunt Club is based in Pittsburgh, PA and was started in 2014. It’s grown so much since then! What started out as bridle charms has now evolved into clothing, belts, necklaces, and bags! Hunt Club is a must when it comes to accessories around the barn and the show grounds. I’m always amazed when I remember that all of the graphics for these products are done in house! Hunt Club has even started doing collaborations with other brands, too! The Instagram really takes the cake when it comes to having a strong aesthetic. I love the way products are laid out with the wooden backgrounds. The color schemes are also pleasing to the eye when you’re scrolling through. The owner does a fantastic job with showcasing happy customers wearing their Hunt Club apparel and sporting their still, ever popular charms. Every time I tap onto the page, I always want to Join the Club!


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