Social Media (In and Out of the Barn)

Social media has had a big impact on my life. I remember the good ol’ days of MySpace and it’s crazy to think about how that has evolved into so many other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so many emerging names, as well. It’s something I would have never thought I’d be participating in when I was younger and I definitely wouldn’t have thought that there would be jobs available in the field involving it, too!

The question “what is social media?” has a lot of answers and yes, many of them are the platforms I have listed above. But, I think everyone has a different answer for it based on what you get out of it and what it’s used for.

For me, social media has blessed me with opportunity. There are many people in my life that I wouldn’t know if it hadn’t been for social media. Many people that know me know of my love for music and deep love of going to concerts.

Some of my favorite celebrity tweets from back in the day! Featuring Youtuber Kingsley, Jason Rosen of Honor Society, and Allstar Weekend.

You may think “Okay Danielle…what does music and concerts have to do with social media?” and let me tell you, it meant everything for me! In Social Media class, I had mentioned how my main goal on Twitter used to be trying very hard to get celebrities to tweet me or, even better, follow me! I had an entire group of friends (some I still chat with today) that made it a group effort at times just to have one member of a band tweet us back! I have fond memories of things called “Tweet Sprees” and ask any fan of the bands Honor Society, Allstar Weekend, Action Item etc etc. and they’ll probably give you a full run down of hours spent hitting tweet limit, crying, and having to wait an hour to tweet again. The struggle was real! But, it was a huge deal! But it was also a huge deal for many of those bands, too, because most of their fanbase was sprouted from tweeting, posting on Facebook, and later Instagram photos. Without social media I would not have made all of those memories that I made or have the friendships of those people today! Thanks, Twitter!

Opportunity goes even further than friendships — it also goes to career dreams, as well. I’ve never personally been reached by a company and offered a job (YET!) but being able to tweet my favorite brands, some I have posted about in my last post, it amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how social media closes the gap between consumer and producer. This could be bad at times, yes, but when I buy a new pair of Adidas, I love tweeting them to show off my new purchase! It’s even cooler when brands respond back to you!

And as I usually do, I make things horse related, but I will say that social media has played a part in my equestrian life, as well. The equestrian world in retrospect is very small, especially in Kentucky. I feel like I know everyone who sits in a saddle in the state! But, for me, it’s fun knowing other equestrians around the country and social media has made that possible. I follow many other horse-loving people on pretty much every platform. There’s absolutely nothing better than feeling like a community — whether it’s very interesting horse-related Facebook groups or tweeting your favorite, Grand Prix riders good luck at a show — it’s all what makes us equestrians feel togetherness and I love it!

So, what is social media to you? Is it your vehicle for promoting products, your band, your brand, meeting new friends, crying over band boys, or fangirling over horses?

Whatever it is, make it your own! Use it to it’s full potential!




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