Comm Tech: Me & the Radio

Besides my Social Media class, I am also blogging for a Communications Technology class.

I’m Danielle and I am a junior majoring in Communications, minoring in Equine Business. This blog is multipurpose, obviously, so there is a lot of horses, social media, and now communication technology topics floating around. As for myself and what I do with technology, I’ve been using a computer since I was about three years old. My parents purchased a desktop and it lived in my older brothers room for quite some time. He used it for school occasionally and since I was not able to go to preschool, I use it for educational games to fill the void. Since then, I have evolved with the technology around me. I do enjoy getting “new gadgets” that come out if they are within my price range. My biggest purchase was my Macbook Pro that I use for class — it’s my baby.

When it comes to radio, I see the utility of it. Radios are the most prevalent form of communication technology in the country, nearly every household has one. As much I love the good ole AM/FM radio, I often get annoyed by the advertisements and there are even some DJs that I cannot stand to listen to as I drive to school and work. So, I have turned to a different kind of radio: Spotify.

Spotify is a subscription music service much like Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora. It has a feature that is similar to “radio” in which you can listen to random songs that are not chosen by you. You can also create your own playlists. The best part of the paid service is the lack of advertisements! Spotify offers students a discount of $5 per month instead of $10, which is awesome and definitely worth it considering how far away from school and work I live and the time spent listening to music on those drives.

The radio, for me, lacks the luster of online music services. You get very few songs, tons of advertisements, and when you do get a lot of songs it’s all the same stuff that was in rotation that morning. I’ve been lucky to tour a local radio station and learn how everything works behind the scenes, the shows are often recorded and rarely live these days. It’s not the same radio that my parents listened to twenty or so years ago. So because of that, I like to create the playlists of what I want to hear and play it on my Spotify. Sorry AM/FM.



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