I ♥︎ Live Streams

There is nothing I love more than sitting in bed and watching a live stream of a grand prix going on somewhere in the world. In the past couple of years, I’ve found myself watching more and more live streams because it seems like more big shows are jumping on board to provide them! One of my favorite shows to watch is the Washington International Horse Show. Every year it’s the one show I wish I could see in person, but it’s awesome to be able to see all the action from the comfort of my home in Kentucky!

There is one site out there that has changed the game of hunting for live streams! Streamhorsetv has been a savior for me! The site was founded in 2014 by Liz Ireland, a fellow “live stream addict” like myself. The site was started by accident but boasted over 500,000 impressions in their first month of service. I am so glad the site is around to link to all of the shows that I wouldn’t have seen elsewhere. Streamhorsetv has helped be discover show circuits abroad that I’ve added to my bucket list of shows to see in person.

Another great site to catch some live streams is USEF Network. In the past, they have broadcasted the Alltech (Now CP) National Horse Show, Devon, and WIHS. They’ve also stream clinics, which is such a cool thing to do. For me, I would never have the time/money to be able to attend a George Morris clinic, but with the help of USEF Network live streams, I was able to watch the George Morris Horsemanship Training Session free of cost. Thanks for that USEF!

The only site that I don’t get to watch live streams on is FEI TV. Oh FEI, I love you, but I just can’t spend $14 a month. If I could I would. However, I greatly appreciate all of the free (yes, free) live streams that FEI posts on their Youtube channel. They broadcast most of the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping classes, Reem Arca Dressage World Cup Dressage shows, and a handful of vaulting and driving. So if you can’t hand over $14, you can always keep up with Grand Prix level equestrian sports on Youtube!

If this has made you curious about catching a few live streams, whether you’re a horse person or not, I definitely think you should! It’s the easiest way to keep up with the sport and the beauty of equestrianism is that we really don’t have an off-season. That being said, there’s always going to be a show going on and a stream to watch. So grab your popcorn and refreshments and enjoy the top levels of equestrian sports while in your pajamas.



(The laptop image in the featured image is from Miss Tiina. Thank you for the cute freebie!)


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