Improving Your Online Rep

In a world where getting a job could be as simple as sending a DM on Twitter, Online Reputation is a vital piece of the puzzle that makes your professional persona your own. I feel like in the equestrian community, online reputation is becoming more and more important when seeking out careers in the industry. More and more professionals from trainers, riders, and brands all great a reputation online that carries over into real life. But what are some ways that you can improve yours?

  1. Stand out! Make yourself stand out online by being unique! If you have a passion, for me it’s horses, then talk about online. If there is a niche in the field that you like and think is missing, fill it up! Be that unique blogger, tweeter, poster that everyone wants to go and read because they can’t get information like yours from anywhere else.
  2. Be positive! Sometimes it’s really hard to hold your tongue (or in this case cease from typing) but it can be done. I try to be as positive as I can, but I will be quick to admit that that doesn’t always happen. From now on I challenge myself and you to think before you post. Is what you are posting going to be positive? Will it inspire someone? Will it make someone smile? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it’s not worth posting.
  3. Have a presence! It’s almost pointless to follow someone who only tweets once or twice a month. It’s also pointless to follow someone who doesn’t respond to any comments or engage their audience. I sometimes questions why I follow a lot of the Twitters that I do because most of them fit the bill of not being present most of the time. So when you want to be noticed, think about tweeting often and engaging those who follow you. Tweet them back, start a conversation, post intriguing content frequently. Don’t be that boring person who doesn’t post.

Managing your reputation online can be hard. From what I’ve learned so far in class, it can be difficult to make sure what you present online is up to par with what a possible employer will like. I think it’s very important to be yourself as much as you can because you don’t want to come across as fake and trying to hard. But out of all the tips above, being positive is the most important to me and it’s something I am working on! When I posted this blog tonight I thought: Is this positive? Yes. Will this inspire someone? Maybe. Will it make someone smile? Possibly.





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