Meanwhile in WEF…

Over the weekend, while everyone was hyped about the Super Bowl, something peculiar was happening at the Wellington Equestrian Festival and it involved many of the best show jumpers in the world dressing up Halloween style to support a good cause.


The WEF Great Charity Challenge is held annually at the Wellington Equestrian Festival. I like to think of WEF as an equestrian’s winter getaway. Like geese, they flock south where it’s warm to compete and enjoy the beautiful (or not so beautiful) weather. This year it poured buckets during the show, but it was still entertaining to watch.

The Challenge itself is a Pro/Am class. This means that a professional and an amateur rider compete as a team. These teams get paired with a charity for the evening and not matter what, the charities get $15k! The winners, however, receive $150K for their charity. It’s a fantastic night for the equestrian world to give back.

For a good cause, we get to see some funny costumes, as well.

The rain didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. The beauty of equestrian sport is we never have an off season. So as we say adios to football for a while, the horses and riders are still around, competing year round!

You can catch the archived 2016 Charity Challenge here!




Image in featured photo © Ken Braddick/


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