Beauty and the Barn

Makeup and the barn are often thought of as a bad mix. I’ve had many friends say that they never even think of wearing makeup to the barn, but as a busy student and part-time tour guide during the day, I need to have my face on! Unfortunately, on days when I am at school and work during the daytime, I head straight to the barn afterward. What comes with me? The makeup on my face. These are a few tips from me on what not to wear and what to wear if you’re like me and like to wear makeup no matter the setting!

To wear foundation or to not wear foundation?

Foundation is a life saver on days when pesky blemishes show up or if you have discoloration. But is it worth it to apply all of the foundation and go to the barn? For me, it’s not. In my personal experience, no matter what the weather is, wearing even a sheer foundation turns me into an oil slick. In the summer, it’s particularly a no-no because you’ll simply sweat it all off. So what’s the alternative? BB Creams have been my go-to on hot sunny days because of the SPF in them. I wear at least an SPF 15 BB that’s tinted to my skin tone. It may not cover all of the blemishes, but at least it will block out the UV rays.

My recommendation on BB Creams are: Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream, Too Faced Tinted BB Cream, Pond’s Luminous Finish BB

Mascara vs. Allergies (And other tears)

I try to avoid mascara around horses at all cost. Sadly, I’m allergic to horse dander (but does that stop me?! NOPE.) so whether it’s hot or cold, you’ll catch me sneezing at the barn. This leads to my eyes watering and if there is any mascara on my lashes, it ends up all over my gloves. BUT if you’re brave, go with a waterproof mascara. If you’re lucky and don’t suffer from watery eyes, you can easily pull off any product you want.

My recommendations for mascaras are: Lancôme Définicils mascara, Maybelline Great Lash (Regular and Waterproof formulas)

The Lipstick Test

There’s nothing wrong with a little color on the lips where ever you are. If you aren’t a fan of lipstick/glosses/tints, I suggest applying lip balm regardless. An arena can be a dry place (and dusty!) so keeping your lips hydrated it important! If you want to wear a shade of color, go for something subtle. The stable aisle isn’t a runway of an avant-garde fashion show, being conservative can make a big statement like your favorite hot pink shade could. This applies to horse shows, as well. Liquid lipsticks are gaining ground in the makeup world and if you’re a frequent lip balm wearer with hydrated lips, it would work out in your favor! You can even do the lipstick test (aka a kiss) with your horse and not see any transfer with a lot of the liquid lipstick products.

My recommendations for lippies are: Ellie Goulding x MAC Only You, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Istanbul and Tokyo

No matter if you’re at the barn or heading to WEF, you can wear some makeup if you want! Just remember that going full glam may not be appropriate for schooling or in the show ring. Show off some of your personality with lip color and always wear your SPF!




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