CommTech: Blogging

I am slowly becoming an avid blogger. The situation laid out in the article by Kathleen Parker was very dramatic to say the least, but I do no think it reflects the behavior of all blogger. For me, blogging has opened a platform to network myself in an online community that I would have no access to if it was only accessible in person. I’m able to talk about topics that inspire me and thinks I enjoy while others can relate to it and find joy in it, as well. I think the situation with Nikki Haley is the dark side of blogging that I have seen in other situations.

Recently, bloggers in the One Direction fandom had blogs and articles taken down. We still do not know the exact reasons for the take downs, but it’s been commonly suspected that it had to do with discussion of band members sexualities, closeting, and their management (which includes Simon Cowell) I still do not fully agree with the way in which the situation was handled. One blogger had their entire website taken down without notice from the host and no reasoning. They also had six years worth of Buzzfeed articles taken down as well, again, with little notice or reason. There are fine lines in blogging where you have to decide if something is libel and slander, defamation, or down right threatening OR if it’s an opinion, a meaningful analysis, or simply thoughts put into words. The rumors address in the Nikki Haley scandal were most definitely slander and defamation; the writer made it clear that the original author of the blog wanted clicks on their site. I do not thinks that is the right way to gain attention in the online world.

The “power to publish” is both good and bad. You do have the power to publish opinions, but as I stated before, you have to be careful about what those opinions imply. It’s easy to say you hate something or someone, but you can’t cross the line of defamation or you’ll set yourself up for a law suit. You can say you think you saw someone do something, but you have to be aware it’s a rumor and you can’t slander someone because of it. It all creates a lack of trust with bloggers when they chose to use these method of blogging to get readers. If you’re honest and trustworthy, you’ll have a following that knows you uphold your integrity. On the other hand, if you lie, you create a hostile environment on your blog for your readers who believe and don’t believe things you post.

In my social media class I take with Dr. Freberg, we write blog posts related to social media and topics we enjoy. Blogs, in the future, can be used as a business tool for companies to gain influencers. Influencers are people who have a lot of followers and who can “influence” those followers to buy, use, and try products they receive from the companies. Companies that do this now definitely have an impact on our society. If you read a blog religiously and suddenly that person starts wearing Nike shoes, you’ll be more likely o go out and buy some Nike shoes. Blogs have even become gossip web sites that people run to to find celebrity rumors and gossip, whether its true or not. We’ve definitely become a culture that revolves around blog sites to get information and I can see that still being the case in the future.


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