The Horse Industry: My Dream Job

There’s something to be said about the horse industry.10733724_10204920618726133_1105821657759157873_o

Nowhere else will you find a more dedicated community than that of the equestrian world no matter what discipline you are participating in. I like to think of the industry as not only just an industry — it’s a lifestyle, a sport, and a community.

Yesterday while I was working at the museum, I finished one of my walking tours by casually chatting with guests. I often come across every walk of life on tours; you’ll interact with people who don’t know the difference between a saddle and a bridle; you’ll meet a dedicated, diehard Secretariat enthusiast, or just a casual tourist and you can bet you’ll see it all in one day. Yesterday was one of those days I got to teach people about not only horse racing but the horse industry as a whole. A woman on the tour was extremely interested in knowing about all facets of it and the one question I was struck by was one she had for me: When did you decide that you knew you want to work with horses?

It’s a great question. I was taken aback by it because, for one, no one ever asks me that and two, I wasn’t expecting it. But I definitely had an answer!

I knew I wanted to work with horses the day I took my first jumping lesson. I had been doing dressage for a while but had recently moved barns to try something new. I was so inspired by videos I watched online of Beezie Madden, George Morris, and Mclain Ward; I wanted to be just like them! The day I finally got to jump over a cross rail, I knew that it was my niche. Show Jumping is where I want to work.

I’ve pondered all of the possibilities in the show jumping industry. It’s like the racing world, having connections helps. My ultimate goal would be working as a PR/Social Media/Communications rep for a horse show like the Washington International Horse Show. I’d love to work for an agency that focuses on equestrians as clients or an equestrian apparel brand. If it involves the show jumping world, sign me up because I’m there!

When I was five, if you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have given you a generic “Vet! Doctor! Nurse! Lawyer!” answer, but now at 21 I know my path and I’m taking strides — trots, canters, and gallops — to get there!




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