CommTech: Terrifying Truth of Tech

One of my biggest pet peeves is when older people talk about how terrible new technology is, how life was so easy when they were young, or when they call young people now-a-days “lazy” because we utilize the technology that has painstakingly been created to use! I never realized there is a word for the older generation’s actions and reasons behind why they are the way they are. In the article, the author talks about “schema” and how infants adapt to new things like picking up Cheerios and putting them up to their mouths to eat them. This applied to how we use technology. The author talked about wanting to turn on a typewriter because he grew up using keyboards that had plugs or needed batteries. Now, we have laptops with built in keyboards that don’t need a separate battery or on switch apart from the one that turns the entire laptop on. I sometimes notice my parents doing or saying things that don’t make much sense, but probably do make sense to them. For example, my dad relentlessly calls the DVR a “tape.” He’ll ask me “Did you tape the NASCAR race?” or “Did you tape that show that you and Mom watch?” I always tell him that taping things is so old school, the correct term is recording, but alas, he won’t let go of taping. He’s used to physically setting up a VHS tape to record shows, so it makes sense.

I agree with the author’s premise because it makes a lot of sense to me. If you adapt to a new technology, something even newer than that might be difficult to use. If your grandmother started out using a typewriter, using a desktop was hard to adjust to, and an iPhone will probably throw her for a loop.

I definitely think that I will end up complaining about technology when I reach a certain age. I’d hope that I can adjust to new things easily because they genuinely interest me; however, I refuse to be one of those old people that degrade a younger generation because they do adapt and enjoy using a new technology that I may or may not understand. My grandma recently asked me about making a Twitter. I know it’d be too hard for her to understand so I talked her out of it. It was a relief to know she was interested in it and wasn’t speaking down on it because I use it. I hope I can be like that, as well.


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