My Oscar Fashion Statements

The Oscars this weekend were controversial to say the least with #OscarsSoWhite looming over Chris Rock’s monolog. We saw the death of our favorite meme: Leonardo diCaprio’s first Oscar. We also saw great fashion on the red carpet.

For the past few years, I have been an advocate for the movement during award season called #AskHerMore. Ask the women more than who they’re wearing. Ask them what their future plans are with their careers, ask about causes they work with, what they are passionate about. I think women in the entertainment industry feel more empowered being asked such questions instead of being a walking billboard for whoever the designer is they choose to wear. A peeve of mine is when the general public thinks that celebrities actually pay for the clothing on their backs in their casual everyday life all the way to their award show appearances. That’s a lie. Most celebs are given clothing by a brand they are sponsored by. For example, have you noticed that Harry Styles wears A LOT of YSL? Do you really think he spends $1000 on a floral necklace designed by them? No. But you know what’s fascinating? Because celebs like Harry DO wear these brands, we as the general public know about the brand. We research it, we dig up prices and post it. “Hey look! Harry bought a $1000 floral neck tie from YSL!” Free advertising.

Having said that, the actresses and actors who show up to the Oscars do not buy their clothing. (There could be exceptions, there always are.) But, for this post, let’s look to see who I think really made a splash on the carpet and give shout outs to each designer.

First, we have the lovely Lady Gaga. She wore a jumpsuit that looks like a dress and $8 million of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Wow. On the red carpet, she spoke about her nominated song for and advocated against violence against women as a survivor of violence herself. Her performance that night was touching, beautiful, and powerful.

tumblr_o3a7eklun11r9pt1so1_500Saoirse Ronon, an Irish-born actress most famously known for her role in “The Lovely Bones” but nominated for her film “Brooklyn” which is a story about a girl who leaves her home (Ireland!) to move to New York City in the 1950s, following an Italian man she fell in love with; but trouble brews when she goes back to Ireland and it tempted by another man! Drama.

On the carpet, Saorise wore a custom-made Calvin Klein Collection green sequin dress to honor her beloved homeland. In her interview she claimed it was so comfortable, it was like wearing sweats. Also, she explained that the sequins were all hand picked by the designer with her help. That’s a lot of work!



tumblr_o3a902cleh1r4xyclo3_250Another favorite of mine was the winner of Best Actress herself, Brie Larson. I remember watching Brie in Disney movies when I was little. I remember her most for her roll in the film “Hoot” which was cute and advocating wildlife protection, but it definitely was not Oscar-worthy! Her dress on the red carpet was made by Gucci (one of my favorite equestrian loving brands) and is, of course, custom. She won big for her role in the movie “Room” later in the evening, but during the day, she looked so beautiful in blue! In the film, she plays the role of a mother and in one of her red carpet interviews, she said she got inspiration for the role from her own mother. Her costar, Jacob Tremblay, stole the show with his cuteness on the carpet and his excitement for the Star Wars droids that made an appearance during the show!

Other honorable mentions are Rooney Mara, Sophie Turner, and Louisville’s own Jennifer Lawrence.

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