Some Notes on Fizziology

In class yesterday, Rich Calabrese from Fizziology talked to us about social media measurement. He’s the VP of Fizziology and has previously worked for Golf Channel, PGA, and Churchill Downs. Fizziology is a social media research company started in 2009 (Twitter was only 3 years old at the time!)

“Fizziology is the industry leader in social media research in media & entertainment” — Twitter

There are offices for Fizziology in Louisville, Nashville, and an office that recently opened in Los Angeles!

Some terms in social media measurement are impressions or the total number of times the piece of content is loaded and in view. Reach is the estimated number of people that you can potentially see something during a specific time period. Volume is total number of mentions. Sentiment is the rating/analysis of differing opinions. Interaction or Engagement includes likes, RTs, comments, or shares!

Fun fact: Nike has their own internal font that can only be used when it’s given out for research. They’re so on brand all the time.

Social media can have an impact on finances, digital, brand, and risk management/crisis. The impact on financial is the impact on revenue: you can pair social data with sales or donations. For digital, check the number of clicks you receive, divide by the amount. Trace the customer path from social to website analytics.

All in all, I found the presentation pretty awesome! It’s fascinating to know that a company can work with so many industries — from Nike to movie studios and everything in between. Social Media metrics is so important to brands as they plan future promotions, product launches, and investments. Fizziology does an excellent job in helping them make those decisions with social media and what’s going on on every platform.


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