One thing I love about the equestrian world is unity. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing someone out in public with breeches and instantly connecting with them over the topic we all love: horses. But, there are somber moments when the community comes together to remember someone special. Olivia Inglis was an Australian eventer who unfortunately passed away at the Scone Horse Trials last weekend. She and her favorite horse had an apparent rotational fall which caused her horse to land on top of her. Neither she nor her horse survived the accident. It’s a tragic loss for not only the Australian eventing community but the equine world as a whole. It’s an eye opener to a commonly forgotten reality of our sport. Our sport is dangerous and we often take for granted the trust we put into our thousand pound partners.

Across the globe, professionals and amateurs alike are coming together and supporting Olivia’s family through the hashtag #RideForOlivia. When you scroll through the never ending feed, it’s beautiful to see the kind words and the photos of other equestrians and their horses.






When our world is rocked with tragedy, the equestrian community unites to support those who need it.

xo & #RideForOlivia,



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