Be horseCom’s Next Riding Star!

Have you ever connected your phone via Bluetooth to a speaker to listen to music? Guess what! That technology is now capable of helping you and your horse connect on a new level!


HorseCom is a new, wearable technology for equestrians and their mounts that uses Bluetooth technology to enhance the abilities, well-being and performance of horses (and it looks pretty cool, too!) The product was developed with the help of ethologists (the study of non-human animal behavior rather than human behavior) from the University of Caen’s Memory and Behavioral Plasticity Group (GMPC), French National Research Institute CNRS, the Pluridisciplinary Institute Hubert Curien (IPHC) and the University of Strasbourg. With the rider headset, the horse’s headphone bonnet, and the smartphone application, the three step system can help you start a Music based program that has a plethora of benefits! It’s been found that horses become less tense and more focused.  The program has multiple opportunities for training at any gait; walk, trot, and canter! In riders, you can become more relaxed, balanced and in sync with the horse. The coach can also play a role by managing the Music training program that allows them to critique and offer advice right then and there during a session.

So, do you want to try HorseCom out for yourself? Become the Next Riding Star and you can have that opportunity!

ridingstarHorseCom is looking for a non-famous equestrian to star in a video that will appear on their Kickstarter campaign in June. The video has the potential to be seen by hundreds and thousands of people, all of which will be able to see you and your horse rocking it out with horseCom!

The application process is easy: You have to answer a few questions about your equestrian career, tell them about your strong connection with your horse, and provide 7 photos about you, your horse, and your barn. horseCom will then select up to 51 candidates who will film a short video presenting their horse and their barn location and these videos will be voted upon by the public! The top five videos get a prize and one video will be selected to be the next riding star in the campaign video!

Submissions are open until April 4th so get yours in now here! Winner will be announced on April 29th!

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Good luck!






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