Equestrian ♥︎ Journalism

One field I would love to work in is equestrian journalism. I recently got to dabble in it with my writing appearing on The Plaid Horse Magazine’s website. I wrote a piece that helps promote horseCom’s new equestrian wearable technology. I think it’s so cool to write about horses, that I’ve now consider it as a career post-grad. There are so many amazing equestrian magazines out there that I adore. One of them, obviously is The Plaid Horse Magazine. My trainer is an ambassador for TPH and my ambassadorship at Welsh Wear, the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, and working with Gianni Equi Media has definitely exposed them more to me than ever.

Another magazine I like is Equilife World. It’s a fairly new magazine based out of Norway. I love their online content (mostly because I cannot afford their print subscription) Their coverage of big, Grand Prix horse shows is amazing. I like their social media content and coverage as well. Their Instagram is full of great photos from shows that I wish I was at.

Equestrian Living is a magazine I stumbled upon in the weirdest way. While working at the museum, one of the security walked up to the front desk with a magazine someone had left in the exhibits. It was a copy of “Equestrian Quarterly” which is now Equestrian Living. It’s a large, print magazine that I love, but like Equilife World, couldn’t afford to have in print. So I like to visit their website and see what is going on there.

Last but not least, the person I admire and am inspired by is Noelle Floyd. She has a magazine that has he namesake and it is absolute #GOALS. I love everything about the magazine. The social media channels  cover every aspect of show jumping — she stays updated on shows, riders, and trends in the equestrian world. It’s exactly what I would love to work in postgrad because it’s everything I love.

Someday I hope I can find the perfect job, the perfect fit that fulfills my love for the equine industry and desire to work in it. If journalism is that niche, then I hope it’s one of these!




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