The #BestWeekendAllYear

What can you possibly say to describe a day at the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event? One word: AWESOME. Despite the rain (which is a repeat offender from last years event) it was still an amazing day of watching the top riders in the world converging on the cross country course. For the past three years, my Dad and I make RK3DE a father/daughter day. My parents have never been horse people, but they try in their own ways. For Dad, it’s going to Rolex. He enjoys it just as much as I do! This year, we were prepared for the weather and made our way out onto the course.


Since this year is an Olympic year, the Rolex is a pretty big deal. Michael Jung was a stand out on the course, making it all look so easy with his mount Fischerrocana FST. Fan favorite (and the QUEEN!) Lainey Ashker rocked out with Anthony Patch. They went through the Head of the Lake and made it look like child’s play. Boyd Martin has three mount – yes THREE! – and suddenly I couldn’t complain about particularly long lessons anymore. If the dude can ride Rolex on three horses, you can do anything people. Phillip Dutton was particularly impressive with his mounts, two of them sat at second and third on the leader board after XC, Fernhill Fugitive and Mighty Nice.

For me, Rolex is prime time to get some shopping done. This year I had my heart set of finding a new helmet. Helmets are complex. You put a price on your own head, but you also have to find the right look. Today, I decided to price my head at $333 and took themagic-AyrBrush plunge into Charles Owens. I purchased a new AyrBrush helmet. I am in LOVE! First of all, it was the first time I have ever been professionally fitted for a helmet. The rep in the Charles Owen tent (older English gentleman!) was fantastic and incredibly kind and helpful. He sized me up as 7 3/8, handed me a card with the measurements, and I set out to Bit of Britain to find the only helmet with the size and color combo! I was so excited! I also got a free CO backpack with my purchase which is now my new barn bag.

13087785_10208990389947870_5606876667566756764_nOne thing I remind myself is that working hard should be rewarded. Shopping for yourself and buying nice things is OKAY! I found a sweet deal on Bradley Smartpak breeches for $25 a pair. How could I say no to that? I bought a lovely pair of chocolate brown breeches that I cannot wait to wear around the barn this summer. Speaking of summer, summers in Kentucky are hot. Miserable even. I’m planning on showing at the horse park in August, so I needed to find a short sleeve shirt to wear instead of my usual, long sleeved, conservative show shirt. I found a new brand, Gersemi, and found a show shirt with a removable collar to use at future shows.


The entire day was bogged by rain, but that didn’t stop Dad and I from roaming around and having a good time. We do hope that next year the heavens will give cross country day a break for once and give us a beautiful spring day like it’s meant to be! But for now, we’re going to go ahead and plan for next year. Rain boots? Check. Umbrella? Check.




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